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These are just a few of the testimonies from our services. Every year we return their are more and more of these amazing testimonies of the work that God has done. We believe we are living in the last days and God is pouring out His Spirit..


She Could Not Read


She gave her testimony that she couldn't read, She had been praying to God how she wanted to read His word. She went home from the crusade after 4 nights. She woke up the next morning and began reading the Bible. God is Faithful! 

Her Baby Cried All Day and All Night


She came to the crusade to have her baby prayed for. She said the doctors couldn't do anything to help this baby. When we began to pray for the sickness her baby stopped crying and she was healed. The women also gave her life to Jesus at this crusade. Thank you Jesus!

She Could Not SEE


She said that many people tried to get her to go to the witch-doctor for her eyes and she refused. This went on for over a year. At this crusade she said when we prayed for her it was like a cloud passed by her eyes and she could see. The Healing Blood of Jesus


The Lame Shall Walk


This women came from far off to attend this crusade. She was in severe pain and could not walk or move the right side of her body. Day 1 they picked her up out of the vehicle placed her in a chair. We prayed for her at the end of the service. They picked her up and placed her back in the vehicle. Day 2 she returned and when we had the alter call they carried her back up in the chair. As we prayed for her, she stood up and began to walk and began moving the right side of her body. She may have been carried in but she walked out of this service.

The Blood of Jesus is still at work.  

God Opened The Eyes Of The Blind


This man came to one of the crusades last year and both of his eyes was covered with cataracts. He was 100% blind. After we prayed for him, I ask him can you see? The man replied, I can see that you are white. Praise Jesus for opening the eyes of the blind. 

350 Attend Youth Conference


This was our 3rd youth conference and we had 350 attend.  It was held in a boarding school where more than 200 stayed over night. We housed and fed all 350 of them for 3 days.

The Holy Fire of God showed up with salvations, healings, deliverances & Baptisms with the Gift of Tongues. Hundreds laid out in the Spirit. You helped provide the means for the children of God to be fed the word of God for 3 days. 

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