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2024 Mission Trips

Get Ready For 3 Mission Trips To Choose From

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June 17-28-24

Youth Conference Mission Trip

We are so excited to be offering this youth mission trip to 13 youth ages 13-21 this coming June. Your plane will take off on the 17th. You will arrive in Tanzania at JRO airport on the 18th. From there we will take a 4 hour bus ride to Karatu where we will stay in a hotel for 7 nights. We will attend OTWIM youth conference 20th -22nd. While there we will go to an orphanage, the market, evangelize, attend a Sunday service and a safari. You will depart from Karatu on the 25th headed to The Good News Home in Kiruani, where you will spend 2 nights there and depart on the 27th and arrive home on the 28th. 


3 Ways To Make A Payment Cash/Check/Card

Hold My Spot Payment 

Flight Payments (once flight is booked it's nonrefundable).
3rd Payment
Last Payment

This includes air-fair, all transportations in country, 3 meals a day, stays (rooms) and Safari

Flight Payments due by May 1,2024

6 Female Spots Available 

6 Male Spots Available
Remaining 6
Remaining Payments Due By June 10, 2024 

Countdown Till Departer!

Work Mission Trip

JULY 8-19-24


Countdown Till Departer!

This trip is a work mission trip, we are excited to offer this trip to 14 individual 6 women a 6 men with 2 team members. You will depart on the 8th and arrive in Tanzania on the 9th, you will take a 3 hour bus ride to The Good News Home in Kiruani Village. This mission work trip will offer you the chance to evangelize in the village to those that need to know about Jesus Christ. We will also be working on a church and a well in the village. We also hope to build a soccer field for the kids in the village. We will be attending sundry service in the village. We will depart on the 15th for a 5 hour bus ride to Kirartu where we will stay for 2 night in a hotel on the 16th we will head out for a safari .On the 17th we will head back to The Good News Home, as we wait for your departer on the 18th. You will arrive back home on the 19th. 

3 Ways to make a payment Cash/Check/Card

Hold My Spot Payment
Flight Payments  (once fight if booked it's nonrefundable)
Flight Payments due by May 30,2024
3rd Payment
Last Payment
Remaining Payments Due By July 1, 2024 
Remaining 12
Starting Spot Available 14
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August 5-16-24

We are excited to offer this mission trip to those that love to see the lost give their lives to Jesus Christ. Alongside the crusade, you will have the chance to help evangelize in one of the nearby villages.  You will board the plane on the 5th and arrive in Tanzania on the 6th. You will travel on a bus for 3 hours to our village Kiruani to The Good News Home. The dates for the crusade are 8th-10th with a Sunday service. We plan on visiting the Kahe Home for Children With Special Needs. We will depart on the 12th headed to Karatu on a 5 hour bus ride for a 2 night stay with a safari. We will head back to Kiruani on the 14th and there we will wait for your departer heading back to the states on the 15th. 
3 Ways to make payments Cash/Check/Card
Hold My Spot
Flight Payments
(once your fight is booked it's nonrefundable)
3rd Payment
Last Payment


Starting Spots Available 14
Spot Taken
Remaining 13

Countdown Till Departer!

Flight Payments due by July 15,2024
Remaining Payments Due By August 1, 2024 

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Two Forms That Are REQUIRED In order To Attend Any OTWIM Mission Trip

Health Insurance for Mission Trips: Essential Guide and Tips

Health insurance companies offer specialized plans tailored to the unique needs of missionaries and mission trips. These plans take into consideration factors such as the duration of the mission trip, and medical evacuation. Different options are available for both short-term and long-term missions, allowing missionaries and mission teams to select a plan that best fits their needs. 

Handling Medical Emergencies 

Emergencies can happen at any time, even while on a mission trip. Health insurance can provide coverage for emergency medical evacuations and emergency services. This means that if a missionary has a medical emergency while abroad, their insurance can help cover the costs of transporting them to a suitable medical facility or even flying an induvial to a hospital.  It can also cover other emergency services such as ambulance transportation or hospitalizations. 

OTWIM:  Requires a passport and 2 medical forms, you choose your coverage that best suites you. These 2 forms are Flying Doctors Tanzania & GeoBlue International Travel Insurance. After you have chosen your coverage print out your conformation page and send back to us or hand them in. The links are below.


For More Information On How You Can Attend One Of OTWIM Mission Trips

Call or Texted  Rena
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Messenger Evangelist Lorena Enix Saylor
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